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Frequently asked questions relating to the Dritter Orden Clinic’s services

Here you will find detailed information on services.
  • What treatments/services does the Clinic offer?

    As a specialised care clinic the Dritter Orden Clinic offers you all the essential diagnosis and treatment facilities. Your individual needs are the focus of our daily activity.

    Because of our comprehensive spectrum of services we have many years of experience in treating international patients. The clinic has expertise of national standing in thyroid diseases, treating tumours at the Oncology Centre and specifically gynaecological tumour diseases, breast and bowel cancer at the certified Organ Centres. The Perinatal Centre provides extensive care for high-risk pregnancies, premature and newborn infants, and treats congenital abnormalities. In addition our Clinic enjoys an excellent reputation for the treatment of all heart diseases, in which we also benefit from co-operation with the Nymphenburg Heart Catheter Laboratory.

  • How can I register for treatment at the Clinic?

    Should you decide to be treated at our clinic, registration is easy and straightforward at any time. Please contact the secretaries’ office of the particular special field to arrange an appointment for your hospitalisation.

  • Can I be treated as an outpatient at the Dritter Orden Clinic?

    At the Dritter Orden Clinic many surgical procedures (General Surgery, Accident Surgery, Gynaecology, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery, Paediatric Surgery) at the Outpatient Operation Centre can be performed without the need for hospitalisation. Our Specialist Departments also offer outpatient consultation hours.

  • What special services does the Clinic offer?

    Besides the general hospital services our Clinic offers the following optional services, each of which is charged separately:

    • Treatment by a Chief Physician
      Treatment by a Chief Physician encompasses the personal medical assistance and treatment by the respective Chief Physician of the clinic treating you, or his deputy. If medical services of other specialist departments become necessary, the optional service also extends to the senior doctors of the additional special field brought in.
    • Accommodation, meals and service
      We have put together some special services for you relating to accommodation, meals and service in a Comfort and Service Package. This includes accommodation in a single or double room, a special menu selection option and the provision of a cosmetic bag, bathrobe and towels.
    • Accommodation and meals for a companion
      Our Clinic offers the facility for a companion to be hospitalised at the same time. If you require this option, please say so when arranging your appointment for hospitalisation.
  • How do I arrange the optional services?

    You have to arrange optional services, such as treatment by a Chief Physician, accommodation in a single or double room, services for a companion, separately. To do so speak to our Patient Management staff, who can be reached by calling +49 (0)89 1795-1738. Please note that these optional services are charged separately. We will be pleased to quote you the prices for these services on request.

  • What other paperwork is required for my treatment?

    If you are a patient within the EU you are asked to remember to bring along your European Health Insurance Card or provisional confirmation from your health insurer (replacement certificate). Should you not present this, the costs will have to be paid for in cash.

  • How are my treatment costs processed?

    As a rule, scheduled treatments for foreign patients must be paid by the patients themselves, unless a valid declaration from an insurance company recognised in Germany that it will meet the costs is presented. Should you have any queries about this, our Patient Management staff will be pleased to help you: call +49 (0)89 1795-1732. If no valid declaration that the insurance company will meet the costs is presented, prior to admission please report to Patient Management to make a prepayment for your hospitalisation. This can be done in cash, by EC card, bank transfer in advance or by credit cards (this will incur charges). With scheduled hospitalisation we will be glad to give you a provisional estimate of costs.