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Your safety is important to us!

Dear Patients!

Your safety duing your stay at Dritter Orden hospital is very important to us. Every diagnostic and therapeutic measure is prepared with the utmost diligence. In case an examination under anaesthetic or a surgical examination have been scheduled, we are using an "operation safety check-list" for every patient since April 2010.

Furthermore, to guarantee the best preparation and comprehensive care, the following safety checks have been implemented:

  • Before examinations, surgery and other measures you (or your family members) may be asked for your name, your date of birth and the measure that is scheduled, possibly several times.
  • You will be asked questions concerning allergies and implants (e.g. pacemakers, artificial joints), perhaps several times.
  • Before most surgical procedures the part of the body that will be operated is marked with a permanent marker pen on your skin. It must remain visible until surgery.

Also, for safety reasons you may be asked personal details or details concerning the measure that is planed repeatedly. These measures are preventive and ensure safety and quality. For more detailed information feel free to contact us at any time!


The clinic in figures

Number of beds: 574
Semi-inpatient beds: 44
Staff: 1,774
Inpatients: 33,500 a year
Emergency admissions: 63,500 a year
Operations: 11,100 a year
Outpatient operations: 1,800 a year
Childbirths: 2,800 a year