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Your safety is our supreme precept!

Dear Patients!

It is very important to the Dritter Orden Clinic that its patients’ stay at the Clinic is as safe as possible. Every diagnostic and therapeutic measure is prepared with the utmost diligence. In addition, since April 2010 we have been using an "Operation safety check-list" with every patient for whom an examination under anaesthesia or surgical intervention has been scheduled. The idea behind the check-list is to ensure that the scheduled measure is really carried out on the right patient on the correct side, and that there is no possibility of a mix-up. It is also to guarantee as good a preparation for the measure as possible and comprehensive aftercare. That is why various safety checks were introduced, with which we wish to familiarise you:

  • Before examinations, operations and other measures you (or your family members) may be asked your name, date of birth and the measure scheduled, possibly several times.
  • You are also requested to answer questions about allergies and implants (e.g. pacemakers, artificial joints), perhaps several times.
  • Before many surgical procedures the part of your body to be operated on is marked with a permanent marker pen on your skin. The marking must remain visible until the operation.

If you are repeatedly asked personal details and about the planned measures there is no cause for you to be unsettled. Our staff know about your personal examination and treatment plan. But by repeatedly checking to make sure we can prevent mix-ups and potential errors. By answering all the questions you are actively helping ensure the safety and quality of our work. If you would like more detailed information or notice discrepancies yourself, feel free to approach us at any time!


The clinic in figures

Number of beds: 574
Semi-inpatient beds: 44
Staff: 1,774
Inpatients: 33,500 a year
Emergency admissions: 63,500 a year
Operations: 11,100 a year
Outpatient operations: 1,800 a year
Childbirths: 2,800 a year