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Frequently asked questions relating to hospitalisation

Here you will find detailed information on hospitalisation.
  • What facilities do your patients’ rooms have?

    Our patients' rooms provide the comfort of an en-suite bathroom as well as phone and TV sets. Internet connection is available for a fee.
    For more privacy and comfort there are additional services on Ward Seven. Admission formalities are dealt with on the ward or in the room. Every single room is equipped with Internet connection as well as TV and telephone. A bathrobe and a hair-drier are available in the bathroom. A substantial breakfast and newspaper are served every morning. You can select your menu individually.

    Please note that these additional services are charged separately. For more information concerning prices our Patient Management staff will be pleased to assist you. Please call +49 (0)89 1795-1738.

  • What services are at my disposal in the Clinic?

    There is a library where you can borrow English literature during your stay at Klinikum Dritter Orden hospital. Furthermore, there is a hairdresser and pedicure services available.
    The clinic kiosks (one in the adults' clinic and one in the childrens' clinic) are open every day, including public holidays, and offer snacks, cakes as well as hot and cold drinks. The patients’ garden is a place of quiet retreat. Also, a playground for children is on the hospital's ground.

  • Am I allowed to use my mobile phone?

    In general, you are allowed to use your mobile phone at Dritter Orden Clinic.
    On Intensive Care Wards as well as Premature and Newborn Wards phones must not be used, though. They may interfere with electronic medical equipment. Thank you for your understanding.
    Telephones are available in the entrance area. Furthermore, there is a telephone in every room. To use the phone in the patient's room you may purchase a chip card at admission, or at the information desk.

  • Am I allowed to carry on taking my usual medication during my stay?

    You can choose between three different dishes every day. When preparing the dishes our kitchen staff give priority to fresh – and where possible regional – organic food. The three dishes available always include a vegetarian dish. Should you have additional special dietary wishes please let the ward management know – the Clinic endeavours to make allowance for the patients’ eating habits.

  • Is there a cash machine in the Clinic?

    There is a cash machine in the entrance hall of the adults' clinic as well as in the entrance hall of the children's clinic.

  • Can I attend religious services at the Dritter Orden Clinic?

    Yes, the Holy Mass is celebreated every Sunday at 09.00 a.m. as well as Mon/Tue/Wed/Sat. at 7.00 p.m. in St. Francis Hospital Church.
    The sisters’ rosary prayer takes place at 6.30 p.m. on weekdays.
    To find out more about other religious services during your stay please check the pin-board at St. Francis Hospital Church.
    Furthermore, there is a quarterly memorial service in remembrance of all who departed, no matter the denomination or religious affiliation.

  • Is there pastoral care?

    There are trained Catholic and Protestant chaplains who work at Dritter Orden. They are available to meet with you and accompany you during your stay, regardless of your religious affiliation or denomination. Please find contact details in the section "Patients & Visitors / Find telephone numerbs / Spiritual care".
    Chaplains of other denominations or religious affiliations are available upon request.

  • Who are the “Green Ladies” and what do they do?

    The "Green Ladies" are volunteers who are happy to assist you, for example during admission, running errands, pilot services, phone calls or the library. The "Green Ladies and Gentlemen" always wear a green identity badge.