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Spiritual Care

Phone: +49 89 1795-160820

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Spiritual Care

How we see ourselves ...

"I was sick and you looked after me" (Matthew 25,36) is the Clinic Spiritual Care’s biblical credo.

We chaplains perform this service, we visit and look after sick people during their stay at the Clinic and meet people who work here: in the hope for and with them for a successful life. Confident that God knows of each and every one of us and carries us.

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Spiritual Care


Klinikum Dritter Orden
Spiritual Care

Menzinger Str. 44
80638 München

Phone: +49 89 1795-160820

Annemarie Gruber
Phone: +49 (0)89 1795-1860

Eugenia Vesely
Primarily the Paediatric Clinic
Phone: +49 (0)89 1795-1821