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Interdisciplinary study centre

Head of the Interdisciplinary study centre, Senior physician of the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic:
Dr. Isabelle Himsl, MHBA

Phone: 089 1795-2510
Fax: 089 1795-993-1212

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Interdisciplinary study centre

It is our task, through participation in selected national and international studies, to contribute to oncological patients receiving access to the new treatments as quickly as possible.
In the course of these clinical studies, patients are offered innovative treatment possibilities according to the current state of scientific knowledge.
In our oncological centre, studies are seen to by an interdisciplinary team of active doctors, nurses, and student assistants in accordance with the principles of good clinical practice and of Medicines Law.

Range of courses in the organ centre

Range of courses in the breast centre

  • Early mamma carcinoma

    Register study on the evaluation of guideline-compliant operation procedures in the axilla (Sentinal Node biopsy, targeted axillary dissection, axilla dissection) after neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

    ILC Registerstudie
    Register study for the levying of data about illness progressions of breast cancer patients with the invasive lobular subtype.

    Levying of real-world data on the extended adjuvant with Neratinib for patients with hormone receptor positive/Her2 positive early mamma carcinoma, who have completed a Trastuzumab-containing adjuvant pre-therapy less than a year ago.

    Observation study for female and male patients with early locally limited mamma carcinoma who are beginning a system therapy.

    Register study for patients with mamma carcinoma during pregnancy.

  • Advanced or metastasised situation

    Epidemiological prospective study on the effectiveness of Palbociclib and aromatase inhibitor or Fulvestrant as the first-line therapy for local advanced or metastasised HR+/Her breast cancer.

    AGO-Pro B
    Patient reported outcomes for breast illnesses. App-based new path in the treatment of metastasised breast cancer.

    Register study on the levying of data about disease progressions of patients with brain metastases of a mamma carcinoma.

    OPAL Registerplattform
    Female and male patients with advanced Her2 negative or triple negative mamma carcinoma. Prospective data collection at the beginning of the systemic first-line therapy.

Gastrointestinal range of courses

  • Colorectal cancer

    Study on the prevalence of malnutrition in the centralised treatment of colorectal cancer patients
    Quality control of colon cancer and rectal cancer from UICC Phase III

Range of courses, Centre for haematological neoplasia

Range of courses, gynaecological tumour centre

  • Uterus cancer

    Register study of gynaecological sarcoma in the clinical routine.

    Multi-centre prospective therapy study for the investigation of lymphadenectomy with endometrial carcinoma Phase I and II with high risk of relapse.



Head: Dr. Isabelle Himsl
Representative Head: Dr. Stefanie Geisenhof
Study nurse

Adult clinic, 2nd floor
Room 2.355
Menzinger Strasse 44
80638 München

Phone: 089 1795-2510
Fax: 089 1795-993-1212